Bakery Menu

Seasonal, individual pastries and cupcakes are available daily;

Please call our cafe for current selection or to place a special order (we only accept bakery orders via phone or in person, no emailed orders will be fulfilled).

Please place orders at least 48 hours prior to an event.


Cake Flavors


two layers of lemon cake with lemon cream cheese filling and lemon glaze


moist buttermilk chocolate cake with chocolate, vanilla or espresso buttercream


with vanilla buttercream or cream cheese icing


with pineapple and cream cheese icing, add nuts upon request


LARGE CUPCAKES----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$3.00

MINI CUPCAKES-------------------------------------------------------------------------$9.00/DOZEN

6" CAKE---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$25.00

     can serve up to 6

8" CAKE---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$30.00

     can serve up to 10

9" CAKE---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$35.00

     can serve up to 16

12" CAKE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$50.00

     can serve up to 25


All pies, tarts and cookies are available individually or in larger quantities.